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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 20, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> "bbworld news" is presented kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentatn i made possiblby the freeman fodation of new york, owe, vermont, andonolulu. the newman's own foundation. the john d. and therine t. macarthur undation.
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and union bank. >> union bank haput its financial stngth to work for a wide range of mpanies, from small businesses t major corporations. what can we door you? >> and now "bbworld news." >> bowling to intense international preure, the afghan preside finally agrees to a second round runoff vote. s mn rival talks to e bbc. >> it is step forward. will strengthen democracy in this coury. it will strengthen the faith of e people in theemocratic
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proces >> all of pakisns a war zon according to the taliban. ck in th cies, political inghting in northern iraq means u.s. troops a patrolling ban areas again. welcome. very warwelcome to "bbc world news," broadcast for ouriewers on pbs in america and ound the globe. my name is mike embl. coming up latefor you -- china says it will go all out to rescue one of it cargo ships hijacked by somali pirates in the indian ocean. and the hunt forhe body and the truth about one of the most famous victims of the spanish civil war. hello to you. after t months of uncertainty, e first rou -- after the first round of afghanistan's ection and thpresident has
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agreed to a seco round. he has conceded there was too ch fraud in the firs to give him a crediblvictory. he next electi will november 7. the question now -how to avd fraud and the weaer wrecking at this time. >> millions offghans turned out braving taliban attacks. now they havto go through it all er again. president karzai indoors a humiliating moment,tanding next to john kerry and the foreign diplomats who have been prsuringim to back down. after nearly a thi of his votesere declared fraudulent, had to accept a seco rod of voting. >> today, the afghan independent election commission has announced its results, in t results y we are going for a runoff and it will be november
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7. >> president karzai has reluctantly climbed down, a afghans face t prospect of going to the polls t again to te for theileader in two weeks' time. but it wille very difficult to hold outotes. after weeks of deadlock, the ite house was quick to welcome thdecision. >> believe the decision presidentarzai has reach it should take place -- the second round should take place to ke sure legitimate government in place -- isthe right one. >> psident karzai, asell as the other candidates, tnk they hav sho that they have the interests of the afghan peoplet heart. >> british troops will agn be ordered to secure the election process. the turnout may be just as low. >> i do not think i wi vote again.
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i am t keen to vo again. >> this is the man karzai will beup against the form and foreign minister, dr. abdulla abdullah. speakingo the bc, he sae weomed the afghan leaders change of heart. -- lead's change of heart. >> i think him for his remar today. he talked about natiol unity. he also talked about the cond round, whi is what i want to do. >> but many think the to coenders could stillo a deal. that wlvoid arunoff. he bigger challenge is goi to be convincing afghan tt democracy d continued inteational prence will make thr lives better. andrew north, bbc news, kabul. >> all of pakistan is now a w zone. that is the words othe taliban commander as hadmitted his grp was responsibor an attack on the international
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islamic university in islamabad. at least six peoe died, including e two suicide bombers. on surday, pakistan's army begaat a ground offensive. thi was the cklash. from islamabad, orlauerin reports. >> the taliban promise to hit back today, ey did. the surprise tget -- theeat of islic learning. two bombers struck almost multaneously. one in th faculty building. you can see how powful the blast was. sectio of the rfe have come down and over here, -- sections of th roof have come down, and over here, sections of wall. the bombe struck just outside on the corridor. the otheromber tried to enter the women's cafetia, but was ocked by a guar
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many schools cntrywide were closed for fear of atta, but the doors had stayed op here. we were vry surpred. i thk -- how are these people. they areislamic. ey are killing their broths. they are klling us. >>ut others were angry with the govnment. chance of -- chants of "hame, shame." protesters said the army offensive against thealiban had triggered the icide attacks. this was their sendoff for the minister. today's bombing was the seventh major attack in fortnight. fears grippinghe nation. theovernment has appealed r unity, sang the attacks are a test of nerves in a time ofar.
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abcnews, is all about. -- bbc news, islamabad. >> talks grnd to a halt in vienna concerning iran'nuclear program. they say they do notant france to be a par of any deal with irania eichment. ey saidhey wouldever abando what they call their legal and obvious right to nuclear techlogy. constructionworkers were trapd within a building that collapsed in kenya. work teams are searchi f 30 peop thought to be trapped in the rubble the five-story building some are using mobile phones to call for hp. the west afrin group hs suspended where paiamentary election of the head, even the parliament w dissolved and the country's highest court, changed the constituon, introduc rules byecree.
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just months before the parliamentarylections in iraq disputes in the city of kirkuk. neither kurds and arabcan agree on wh should govern tt or how to share the oil wells. amerin foes evacuad most urban ars of iraq in ju. but in kirkuk, they are stl quietl acve. >> it ahigh area for them to hold weapons here. that is whyere here. hopefully will find something. >> it early morning in kirkuk. he americans are back. >> youan work your way around. the iraqi security forces are in charge, but ty like to have americanoldiers along with them -- especially on operations like this one. together, they a conducting at is cald a clearing up operation, seping through an ea ofthe city, searing
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ouses freapons, explosives, and insurgents. the amerans areuspicious of thisouse here because it has a group oyounger men in it and a car with linselates from out of town. they ve a list of around 60 names of people they suspect of belonging to al-eda or other inrgent groups. three hou ofsearching produce three arrests. >> we hve two individuals on ur that weuspect are involvedith al-qaedand another extremist group he in the country. this is a big disruption of the network here in the country. >>ut tests veal is t case of mistaken identity. the operation has netted no weapons or suspects. hat leaves the insurgent networks inntact -- intact. the amerans believe that ey are trying to exploit ethnic
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tensions already in the area. the reon the region is so hotly contested -- oi iestimated a significa portion of the world's resves are beneate ground in t kirkuk province. arabs and kurds have lived alongside each othein thcity itselfor centuries. most of the politiciansill come to me kindf peaceful agreement. the anchor amongst -- ther is anger amongst us some r the continued presence the american litary. >> the aricans said theyould thdraw. is not good. they are still in the city. they shoulleave things to e iraqis. >>ut themericans. they do leave, the arabs d the kurds might start fightg, splitting the country in tw said the patrols continu but with no end to the dispute in sight, u.s. fces may well be here for a long time to come. bbc news, kirk. >> french prosecutors have
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demandedn 18-month suspded sentenceor former prime minister, dominue de villepin. he denies charges of conspiracy to the -- to discredit nicolas sarkozy. thefilm directoroman polanski s lost its aeal tobe freed from a swiss prison ead of his possible extradition to the united states. the court ruledhere was high risof escaping. he fled the u.s.978 after being affected -- convicted of unlawful sex wita 13-year-d girl. ssian president dmitry medvedev has en in the serbian catal for the 65th anniveary f itsiberation from nazi occupation. this is the third sit from the russn president since 01. he also met todiscuss a possible eergy deal as well a issues relatingto cause a vote. you e watching "bbc wld news." good thave you. doocy with us, if you can. still to come -- we have
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forensics foyou. how allegis heedsave a robbery in -- how elite helped solve a robbery in tmania. first though, corruption boostin emplment and advaing reform. ionesia's's presiden says ose are his priorits. he haseen sworn in. weave this report from jakaa. >> speaking at his earing in cereny, the president spokef his priorities for his second term in office. >> we e grateful that reformation has come a long way, although it has not been completed. efforts to build a good governance and eradicate corrtion have started to come fruitn, b they still need to be improved. policy has gone down.
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it h not been an easy cole of months for theresident sincjuly. there e two luxury hotels in jakarta. authories final managed to capture and kill the man believed to be behind the attacks. then just few weeks ago, a poweul earthquakeff the coast of sumatra posed another allenge for the country's new leader. the strong tremors and toward the la of theillside. at least 1000 people we killed. many more were injured. the indonesian president's term expected tobe fraught wth challeng. we will -- he left to look after the economy and rebuild the countr aftea major natural
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disaster. he will have to convinces voters that they chose theight man. abc news, jakart -- bbc news, jakta. see the news unfold. go to experience then depth, expert reporting of bbc worldews online. it is all here clichere watch th 1- minuteworld news summary. you can read the latest advi, did the p stories from around the globe, and click t play vio repos. finout more aout the issues that interest yoand find out what the worlds talking about. goo and watch the news unfold. >> our main headline for yo on "bbc world news." the afghan electiill go into a second round in to weeks.
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presidentarzai has accepted the dcision of the ection commison because of major aud. his tallyas snificantly overstated. the united nations is -- has sa a holding a second round will be a huge challenge. wier is fast approachi and vote and soldiers will have to risk tirives again. we ve a look at wh i at stake. >> in afghanisn, and election as a military as well as a political affair. oalitionroops played a tal re in the first round. they will this time, too. their fit job wille security. alition trps will ain have to place tmselves in harm's way to make afgh people fl it is safeo votes, deste taliban inmidation. >>i think they will probably attempa marspectacular atta.
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i have no dbt they will try to dohat. they did n succeed. our fors, the american forces, the afghanational army, there wi be doing everything in thr power to prevt that from happing. >> british troops have played a high -- paid a high ice. dung the period of theirast opation, 22 servicemen were killed. but looking these fgures from parts of helmand province -- populatn 60,000, just six people voted. population5,000 -- oly several turned out. just 150 people a reported to have voted in another provin. the second cllenge is getting the thing organized. in a country with such broad comnications, the practicalities are dating. by november 7, winter will be
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closin in, and much of the cotry could be snowbound. >> noember 7, that isust the absolute outside ofhe wndow through whh this could take place. after that, some of the roads are becoming an unworkab. it just becomes very difcult for the infraructure to cope with somethingas newnd bay as a natial election. --bigs a national election. >> and wh kind of election will it be? will it be any cleanethis time around >> thelectoral commission has not been independent because it was all appoint byt karzai. second, it isoing to be very difficult for many pashtun voters count their votes. the on way you can compensa
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is thave more fraud. voters are being asked to run risks again for poll that could be as awed as the last. bbc news. >> china is promisg an all out effort to rescue a cargo ship hijacking in the indian ocean. somali pirat hijackthe sh, extending the reach furer than ever before. we have is report from our east africa correspondent. >>this is just the kind of ship somali prates relish -- g, slow, difficultto defend, and owned by a comny rich enough to pay a heftyansom. on board, 22 chinese crewm being held hostage. e was carrying coal from south africa to india along a route th had been considered sa from pacy. the repo suggests the rates boarded somewhe between the seychelles and the malves.
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the sond chinese ship- this is theecond chinese ship these parts haveijacked. the gornment has lost patien. >> we are actively debating a rescue mission. we will continueto follow developments closely and make all efforts to rescue the jacked ship and its rsonnel. >> cna already has three warships patrolling the region. they have maned to thwa at ast one attack on a tiny merchant ship earlier this week. but onc the hijaers are on oard, there's not much the navy n do without risking the lives ofthe crewmen. the mitime security center sent a helicopter to monitorthe hijackedhip. >> it has detected the bulk carrier a taken photographs. there arewo small craft the parts used. those vessels are on board.
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there were otr peop on the bt that were clearly crew and th seem to be fine. >> an iernational otilla of warships has managed to kep some pirates, but they opate in fast votes -- fastoats. they're alst iossible to stop. last year, ners paid ransoms worth hundreds of millions of dollars to get ships and crews back. out in the indian ocean, the odds are still firmlin favor of the pires. bbc news. >> he ws the most mous victimf the spash civil war, but the body of the pt's edericoarcia lorca has never been found. from the province of granada, we ve this report. >> in the mouains of granada under tight security, workmen
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are preparing today. they've come to open a mass grave but to hold theemains of the civil war guns as famous dictum. -- thought to hold the remains of the civilar's mo fmous victim. the historians think it was august 18, 1936, early in the moing before daybreak tt lorca was driven along this road with three oer political prisoners and they were shot dead. through these gates, you can see an olive te and beyon that as done fnt. that is where they think lorca is buried. >> there could be bullets. there cod b a medallion. one does not now it is vital that wshould find this. >orca w 38 whehe died, targeted for his progressive
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writings and his homosuality. ntil recently, theoets relatis have refused to search for his body. but und new law, the grave ll be open anyway. >> the st likely thing is that he is there. it's also possible -- there i anher theory that says the asssins aew days later, havingrealizedhatorca was such a wl-known figur that they were afraid and decided to move him. >> unr the gaze of the maificence alhambra palace, granadit loses history, much of that bloody. buet holes line the rimeter wall wherrank's opponents were shot. despite -- where franco's upon his were shot. despite lingering issues,
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authorities say that the excavationill be diseet. >> access wl be tightl restricted and we will confiscate hammer funds from those involvedn the day. -- camera funds from those involved in the day. >> just a short drive from te excavation se, hundreds and maybe thousands of civil war victims lie buried and identified ithe earth. bbc news, a granada >> chi's foreign ministry spokesman has voic concern about the dollar llama dalai lama's plans to vis. the philippes has put several northe cstal areas on alert and is preparing evacuate tens of thousds of people as yet another typhoon appaches.
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the typhoois expected make landfall by thursday. fious winds and heavy rns are forecast. theopulation is still reeling from srms from the past month which have left more th 850 dead. poli in the australian sta of tasmania believe they have made fonsic history. if convicted criminal with t help all lea. from sydney, we have a tale of bod, dna, and eight years o waiting. >> this is a crim scene that became of forensic fst. th home of a 70-year-old woman. a leh sucks blood from one of this woma's assailt and was pickedp by the sharp eyes of a policefficer. the dna w stored on a database. fonsiccientists matched whe it the accused was brough in for annrelatedrug ime last
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year. >> it was founduring the examination. we extracted a dna same -- is a ique set ofircumstances. >> scientists believe it could be the world's first. never before have investitors us dna extracted from a bloodsucker like leech o a mosqto solve a crime. >> to use sothing in this way is a first. it is really good lateral thinking. >> in this has in court house, the suect pled guilty aggravated arms roery, with a lead providing incontrovertible proof of this genetifingerprint. abc news, sydney >> just briefly -- many of us mig complain about getting older, buto you want to live forever? british scitists say that we y be able to live to the age of 100 d have the body of a
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50-year-o. scientts at leeds niversity have beeworking on more durle body parts for older people. half e babies in the u.k. nw born will reh the e of 100. the new body rts will keep our bodies yng and acti well to old age. just about time. a reminder of the main new-- western leaders have wcome the acceptce by afghanistan's current psidentf the decisi toold a second round runoff presidentl election against his ma rival abdulh abdullah. it will be in two weeks' time. ank you for bing with us on "bbcorld news." >> funding was made ssible by thfreeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermo, and honolulu. the newma's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthufoundation. and union ba. >> union bank has put its
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financial strength twork for a wide range of companie from small businesses to maj corporatio. what can we do for you? >> i'm julia stil. > i'm kevin bacon. i'm kim cattrall. >> hi, i'm ken burns. >> i'm lili taylor. >>'m henry louis gates, jr., and public broadcastinis my source f news about the world. >> for ielligent conversation. >> for election coverage y n count on. >> for conversations beyon the sounbites. >> commitment to journalism. >> for deciding who vote for. >> 'm kerry washington, and public broadcastinis my source for intellige connections to mcommunity. >> "b world news" was presented by kcet, los anges. presented by kcet, los anges.
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